Boards Export

Dried Pinus wood, planed in S2S and S4S formats. Used mainly in the American market. Our main sizes produced are:

  • 18x140x2440
  • 18x089x2440
  • 18x140x1830
  • 18x089x1830

Fences Export

Dried Pinus lumber, sawn rough with dog ear, used mainly in the American market. Our main manufactured measures are : 

  • 15x140x1830
  • 15x100x1830
  • 11x140x1830
  • 11x100x1830

Premium Export Fences

Dry Pine Wood, planed in S2S and S4S formats with dog ear, they are mainly used in the American market, high quality product. Our main manufactured measures are :  

  • 18x140x1830
  • 18x089x1830

Civil Construction

Sawn Pinus Woods in the rough, in board format, normally used in the Brazilian market in construction sites and buildings, but can also be used for several other purposes.

Pallets Internal Market

Pallets already assembled, we use pinus and/or eucalyptus wood according to the customer’s needs.

Export Pallets

Dry Pinus wood, sawn raw, destined to several markets all over the world, for the manufacture of pallets.

Finger Clear Tocos

Dry Pinus wood, raw or planed, cut in small measures, ideal for finger joint, thus breaking the tension of the wood, normally used in the manufacture of moldings or in civil construction.

Wooden Fasteners

Produced in pine wood, intended for the domestic market for domestic use. Product of excellent quality. produced in the following packages  :

  • 50 Units with 12 fasteners each carton.
  • 45 Units with 36 fasteners each carton

Biomass - splinter and bran

Crushed pinus shavings, excellent for use in boilers for energy production (steam). Pinus Bran (Sawdust) ideal for burning in furnaces or for various other purposes.


With First Line equipment, with Benecke’s Masonry and Metal Stoves and Marrari’s Automation, we have a wood drying with efficiency and quality.