May our acts always leave a green footprint on the way!

Sawn Timber

Specialized in the production of sawn wood of Pinus taeda and Pinus elliottii, it annually exports hundreds of cubic meters with the highest standards of quality and service.


Natura Timber's pallets are products of excellence manufactured with certified wood and following international requirements, respecting the environment.

Diverse Products

With its vision of sustainability and seeking to generate the minimum impact on nature, we use even the smallest parts of wood to avoid waste.


Our facilities are adapted to carry out the entire drying process and phytosanitary treatment, necessary to ensure the best quality of our products.

More about our company

The Natura Timber Industry and Exportation of Timber Eireli, had the beginning of its operations in mid-May/2015, in the City of Capão Alto/SC, located in Serra Catarinense, in the business of exotic woods, mostly being the Pinus elliotti and Pinus Taeda.

Aiming at the large pínus reforestation areas in the region, where there is a lot of quality in the forests and in the services of the productive chain, with extraction, sawmills, etc, we installed drying, machining and wood storage equipment, because, due to our company’s location, it helps a lot in the wood shipment logistics to the ports in Santa Catarina, thus draining our main product, that is, wood destined to exportation.

Always seeking the respect to the environment, respect to the suppliers, collaborators, clients, in short, to everyone who participates of our process, we keep on generating jobs and income, helping in the development of the City, State and Country, even being a Small Company.

With our “feet on the ground” and our “eyes on the world,” we continue our journey, always seeking to constantly evolve, always aiming for quality in our products.

CONSCIOUS management, for a SUSTAINABLE life”

Our products

  • Fence
  • Paletts
  • Boards
  • Clear Block
  • Wood for Furniture
  • Wood for Picture Frames
  • Clothes Clips
  • Biomass


  • Wood Drying
  • Phytosanitary Treatment (NINF 15)



    Rod. SC 390 – Km 234
    Capão Alto
    Santa Catarina – Brazil